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It has come from years of labour, and my thoughts about the freedom of speech in this country are summed up in this film. All I had to do was tell the truth. Script {#Sec1} ====== The film is called 'Etharkkum Thunindhavan' (The vats are Thunindhavan) and it tells the story of the unjust treatment meted out to Thunindhavan (Thunindhavan, meaning vats in Malayalam) by the south Indian state of Tamil Nadu. Thunindhavan, a cooperative of small-time farmers and others from the Rayalaseema region, has been dissolved without any due process. The process started in 2014, and the latest decree was passed in October 2017. Over 5,000 farmers from 20 villages of Rayalaseema region were affected by the dissolution. I conducted a series of interviews with them, with the help of some film and video makers. The film is a journey in the villages, through the narratives of the vat owners. It also talks about the vested interests and the people at the helm of affairs. Lalitha and Janitha, two vat owners from the same village, narrate the stories of vats from which they were evicted and the atrocities they have been subjected to by the politicians. There is one scene where Lalitha narrates how the leader of the farmers' union, Gandhi Babu, threatened to shoot her and her son in front of their grandchildren, when she resisted his sexual harassment. Another woman talks about how she was given false information about the possibility of her land being purchased by some politician, who was later elected as an MLA from the region. The film tries to put the women's perspective of the political processes. Janitha talks about how they were not able to participate in the elections of MLAs and MPs. Lalitha, for her part, talks about her health issues and how she was given medication in the name of her children, even though her children were minors. This book is inspired by one of the women who was affected by the dissolution of Thunindhavan. I would like to acknowledge the women who were subjected to the abuse and atrocities, and the response of the women's community and the farmers' movement. Thank you all for lending your time to this process and this book. I would like to express my sincere gratitude to Udhayakumkal



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Thandavam Movie Download Utorrent Link queevoly

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